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Program Summary

The CHDP Gateway allows families to temporarily enroll their children in Medi-Cal through an on-line automated system for a period of up to two months. This enrollment occurs when they take their children to CHDP providers for physical examinations. Once the child is determined eligible, the child will receive a temporary Medi-Cal health card. Families will then be asked if they want to submit a joint Healthy Families/ Medi-Cal application so that their children can be enrolled in the appropriate program (Medi-Cal or Healthy Families) and continue to be covered beyond the two-month period. Families that agree will be mailed the application by the state. Families that submit their mail-in application to Single Point of Entry (SPE) will have their CHDP Gateway extended until either program makes the final eligibility determination

Who is eligible?

Uninsured children who are eligible for CHDP visit based on their income and the periodicity schedule for preventative health visits. Visit the Department of Health Care Services’ website for periodicity schedule.

To apply

  • Contact the CHDP program in your local health department for more information on how and where to apply, using the Local CHDP Directory website.

  • Call the California Department of Health Care Services at 916-445-4171.

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