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Program Summary

CaliforniaKids provides low cost primary health care coverage for uninsured children ages 2 through 18 (including undocumented and emancipated youth). This program has limited availability. Call the number below for more information.

Who is eligible?

  • Children 2 through 18 who are not eligible for full-scope, No-Cost Medi-Cal or other state assistance programs for health care, such as Healthy Families, or who cannot afford private insurance.
    • Children 2 through 18: up to 250% FPL ($50,000 for a family of four)
    • Foster children 18-19: up to 300% FPL ($60,000 for a family of four)
  • No citizenship requirements
  • Children may be enrolled in California Children’s Services for specialty care and be eligible for CaliforniaKids for basic outpatient services.
  • Families are not required to provide social security numbers or immigration status information.

What are the benefits?

  • Comprehensive preventive and primary care coverage: medical office visits, dental and vision care, prescription drugs, mental health services, needed lab tests, and 24 hour access to advice nurses by phone.

  • Hospitalizations and major surgery are not covered.

How much does it cost?

  • $15/child per month, with a maximum fee of $45/family per month.

  • Co-payments ranging from $5-$25 are required at the time services are rendered.

  • $25 one time application fee per family.

To apply

  • Call 818-755-9700 to have a mail-in application sent to you or for a list of providers in your area.

  • You may also apply at places around the community such as child care centers, clinics, schools, group homes, and other child-serving organizations. Please visit the website for more information.

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